The idea behind BA Productions Network came from Mr. B. Brooks's experiences as a student, educator, and musician. In Mr. B.'s elementary school days, he always had to learn by rote—the teacher would tell him the information, he would memorize it, regurgitate it on a test, and then forget it. He never actually understood ways to apply the knowledge he was being fed. It was Mr. B.'s mother who initially introduced him to music in an attempt to keep him away from the grime of the ghetto. At his young age, Mr. B. was unaware of the impact music would have on his life. The skills that he developed while struggling to become artistically proficient increased his appetite for learning and changed the way he looked at the world. Later in his adult life, Mr. B. saw the way that music affected him personally, and realized the potential in linking music with kinesthetic learning methods. It was not until he began to add music to his teaching style that he was able to make such a powerful impact on students and felt as if they not only heard the information, but also looked forward to using it.

As a trained musician and an educator, Mr. B. Brooks has had the opportunity to share his acquired strategies with students, musicians, and fellow educators. Through BA Productions Network, he hopes to touch many more people throughout the world. Mr. B. has made a study out of growing, and has shown that enjoying the process of growing every day is the key to success.   

Vision and Mission

The mission of BA Productions Network is to use all forms of the performance arts as a catalyst for achieving high academic success in the nation’s educational system; to integrate musical expressions into all academic subjects for the purpose of engaging and motivating students; to provide alternative methods of teaching and support that can be incorporated into present curricula; and to ensure the success of students by offering educationally enhancing programs that apply specific technological tools and skills towards achieving each individual’s goals.

BA Productions Network is a not-for-profit service-oriented organization that provides specialized programs through collaboration with schools, educators, and communities, etc. BA offers programs that provide services in the areas of performance, education, and networking opportunities. BA’s programs focus on the idea that music and all artistic expressions are universal tools that can be applied to every aspect of a person’s life, including academics, personal goals, emotional control, or career aspirations. Music is also engaging, and engagement is an essential element in a learning environment. BA’s goal is to promote music and all artistic expressions as tools in education by designing programs and research studies that focus on the kinesthetic learner—one who learns through movement and hands-on activities. Yet we also integrate other learning styles, such as auditory and visual learning styles. BA’s programs link modern ideas with all areas of education. These innovative programs will ultimately improve students’ grades, standardized test results, classroom behavior, knowledge retention, self esteem, and all-around success levels. By applying these programs and utilizing resources that are often already present in the community, BA adds music-arts, technology and customized performance assessments tools to produce life-changing results.